Difference Between Online Mastering and Attended Mastering Sessions

With the rise of technology came the birth of digital music where analog has become secondary. With digital audio overpopulating the music industry, it gave birth to a new approach of mastering which can now be done through the internet. Online mastering has now emerged as a necessity when getting your audio records mastered. While attended mastering sessions will always be there, online mastering has been offered by the studio as part of their service to keep up with the changes in technology. Here are a few of the differences between online mastering and attended mastering sessions.

  1. Transferring Audio Files

With online mastering, transferring of your audio files is as easy as counting from one to ten. You just need to send your audio files through an email or even through a studio’s cloud service for file uploading. With online mastering, you no longer have to ship or bring your audio file to the studio for them to work on it.

Attended mastering often requires you to bring the original storage media from where you recorded the audio. It allows them to have more headroom in editing the recording and making the sound more unified and robust. Unlike online mastering, ease of transferring the files is much easier and faster.

  1. Location is Never a Concern

Online mastering is done through the internet. Your audio file is sent to a studio through online means and gets assigned to an engineer. Your communications can be done through email or a personalized forum where you can exchange inputs, suggestions, and comments with the engineer. You don’t need to visit the studio to listen and comment before making any adjustment to the mastered recording. (read more here: https://studios301.com/)

It is even convenient for you having no need to travel. You can choose a studio who you think is great in mastering even if the studio is located in another city, state, or even country. Online mastering removes the limitation of distance between you and the studio.

  1. Listening on Your Own System

Going through an online mastering service also gives you the flexibility of listening to the mastered recording in your own system. It allows you to listen to it with system settings you are already comfortable with. Sounds are very tricky. Oftentimes it may sound differently from one system to another primarily because of the peripherals and equipment used.

This allows you to get updates and appreciate the records in your own system even before the engineer is done mastering your records. If you have an album, you already have the chance of getting each track to listen to and comment before getting the entire album.

With online mastering, a lot of efficiencies are achieved. We are able to maximize the use of the internet and in turn, gives us the opportunity to use our resources well. It allows us to allocate our time and money saved to other projects that would greatly help us. Online mastering will never replace an attended mastering session but it will definitely help achieve something that attended mastering cannot.

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