About Us

Andie Mckay is originally a professional shopper that eventually ventures into online retailing and shopping sites. She launched her online retail business April 2009 because she needed something to fill the void left by grad school and because there’s nothing she loves more than shopping.

What started as a whim quickly became a passion as Andie realized there was nothing she found more exhilarating than helping her fellow women save money on clothes, shoes, accessories, and other fun items.

Shopcougartown.com is one of her latest project that provides tips and guidelines for shopaholics online. Andie is still a professional bargain shopper but now offer her services to her online followers.

She typically spends hours each day searching the internet for the best retail shopping bargains and sharing her finds on this website.

Andie lives in New York and can be usually found in large upscale retail stores in Manhattan. She has 2 sons and a very supportive husband who always help her in going around the shopping district.